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  • Diffusion of Macromolecules in Model Oral Biofilms 

    Takenaka, Shoji; Pitts, Betsey; Trivedi, Harsh M.; Stewart, Philip S. (2009-01)
    The diffusive penetration of fluorescently tagged macromolecular solutes into model oral biofilms was visualized by time-lapse microscopy. All of the solutes tested, including dextrans, proteases, green fluorescent protein, ...
  • Combined effect of substrate concentration and flow velocity on effective diffusivity in biofilms 

    Beyenal, Haluk (2000-02)
    We have evaluated the influence of glucose concentration and flow velocity at which biofilms were grown on the distribution of effective diffusivity in biofilms consisting of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Pseudomonas fluorescens, ...
  • Quantifying biofilm structure using image analysis 

    Yang, Xinmin; Beyenal, Haluk; Harkin, Gary; Lewandowski, Zbigniew (2000-01)
    We have developed and implemented methods of extracting morphological features from images of biofilms in order to quantify the characteristics of the inherent heterogeneity. This is a first step towards quantifying the ...
  • Low aqueous solubility electron donors for the reduction of nitroaromatics in anaerobic sediments 

    Gerlach, Robin; Steiof, Martin; Zhang, Chunlong; Hughes, Joseph B. (1999-02)
    Studies are presented investigating the ability to enhance aryl nitro-reduction processes in sediments through electron donor addition. In particular, high molecular weight starch and guar gum. andror low aqueous ...
  • Mic and biofilm heterogeneity 

    Lewandowski, Zbigniew (2000)
    Recent investigations have shown that many biofilms have a heterogeneous structure with microorganisms aggregated in clusters, forming physiological microniches within the biofllm where local chemistries are distinctly ...

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