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  • Anatomy of a Lynching 

    Scott, Kim Allen (Gallatin County Historical Society, 2003)
    The lynching of Z.A. Triplett and John W. St.Clair on February 1, 1873 is arguable the darkest episode in the history of Bozeman, and one of the more unsavory examples of vigilantism in Montana's extensive record of citizens ...
  • Semantic Web Identity of Academic Libraries 

    Arlitsch, Kenning (Taylor & Francis, 2017-04-21)
    Semantic Web Identity (SWI) is proposed as the condition in which search engines recognize the existence and nature of entities. The display of a Knowledge Graph Card in Google search results is an indicator of SWI, as ...
  • Microtia Memoirs 

    Hadfield, Lindsay Kaye (2017-04)
    Microtia Memoirs is a website explaining those confusing Microtia myths. This is a community space where people with Microtia and those who support them can find all the answers in one place. The split-down-the-middle ...
  • Registration of 'Northern' Hard Red Winter Wheat 

    Berg, Jim E.; Lamb, P. F.; Miller, John H.; Wichman, David M.; Kephart, Ken D.; Stougaard, R. N.; Pradhan, G. P.; Nash, Deanna L.; Grey, William E.; Gettel, D.; Gale, S.; Jin, Y.; Kolmer, J. A.; Chen, X.; Bai, G.; Murray, T. D.; Bruckner, Phil L. (2016-05)
    Northern' (Reg. No. CV-1114, PI 676026) hard red winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) was developed and released by the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station in 2015. Northern was derived from a composite of two crosses, ...
  • Ecological differentiation in planktonic and sediment-associated chemotrophic microbial populations in Yellowstone hot springs 

    Colman, Daniel R.; Feyhl-Buska, Jayme; Robinson, Kirtland J.; Fecteau, Kristopher M.; Xu, Huifang; Shock, Everett L.; Boyd, Eric S. (2016-09)
    Chemosynthetic sediment and planktonic community composition and sizes, aqueous geochemistry and sediment mineralogy were determined in 15 non-photosynthetic hot springs in Yellowstone National Park (YNP). These data were ...

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