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  • Hypothyroidism risk compared among nine common bipolar disorder therapies in a large US cohort. 

    Lambert, Christophe G.; Mazurie, Aurélien J.; Lauve, Nicolas R.; Hurwitz, Nathaniel G.; Young, S. Stanley; Obenchain, Robert L.; Hengartner, Nicolas W.; Perkins, Douglas J.; Tohen, Mauricio; Kerner, Berit (2016-05)
    Objectives: Thyroid abnormalities in patients with bipolar disorder (BD) have been linked to lithium treatment for decades, yet other drugs have been less well studied. Our objective was to compare hypothyroidism risk for ...
  • Opportunities and Challenges in the Use of Personal Health Data for Health Research 

    Bietz, Matthew J; Bloss, Cinnamon S; Calvert, Scout; Godino, Job G; Gregory, Judith; Claffey, Michael P; Sheehan, Jerry; Patrick, Kevin (Oxford University Press, 2015-09)
    Objective: Understand barriers to the use of personal health data (PHD) in research from the perspective of three stakeholder groups: early adopter individuals who track data about their health, researchers who may use PHD ...