Writing expectations and requirements : perspectives of high school teachers and college instructors

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Education, Health & Human Development


The primary purpose of the study was to explore the writing expectations and requirements of educators, investigating the viewpoints of high school English teachers and college writing instructors on writing, expectations of students, classroom writing requirements, and methods and assessment strategies. A mixed-method approach was used. Surveys were distributed to educators within the sampling frame; focus group interviews were conducted with volunteer educators and chosen secondary and postsecondary students. Descriptive statistics were conducted and themes were identified among the interview data. Independent t-tests were conducted to determine if the difference in high school English teachers' and college educators' perceptions were significant. The study revealed that all participants believed editing and proofreading, avoiding plagiarism, maintaining focus, providing organization with logical grouping, and using discernable introductions and conclusions were important in writing. Differences included high school English teachers perceived employing a writing process, providing students with examples of effective writing, representing different points of view, and using appropriate vocabulary as essential writing requirements and expectations. College writing instructors' foci were on presenting a thesis and supporting these claims with multiple and appropriate sources of evidence while also evaluating these source materials critically, and providing written feedback to students.




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