The implementation of a National Small Business Training Network program at Miles Community College, Miles City, Montana

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of School of Business


Miles Community College was contacted by the National Small Business Training Network and encouraged to become part of the Network. There had been a variety of business training programs sponsored by many different institutions in Miles City. MCC needed to determine if there was a need for additional training. An Initial Needs Survey was undertaken in July of 1982. Four hundred forty businesses were contacted and questioned about their need for education in business related topics. A net response of one hundred seventy-three was attained by the response deadline of July 15, 1982. The responses were used to organize a schedule of eight Training Units as required by communities of the size if Miles City to receive NSBTN sanction. Responses on the survey were used to select the day of the week, the instructional format and the fee to be charged. When the schedule was set and speakers arranged, a brochure was printed and mailed to all businesses participating in the Initial Needs Survey. As each Training Unit was conducted, attendees were asked to complete a Training Unit Evaluation form. These forms were then tabulated and sent to the NSBTN headquarters as required. Evaluations of all Training Units were good with most attendees indicating their satisfaction with the training. Conclusions drawn from both the Initial Needs Survey and the Training Unit Evaluations warrant the continuation of the program. However, several recommendations can be made about the implementation of future NSBTN programs and reconstruction of both the Initial Needs Survey and the Training Unit Evaluation forms. It is also recommended that Miles Community College continue the Small Business Training Network sanction.




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