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  • The exporting and subcontracting decisions of Viet Nam's small- and medium-sized enterprises 

    Co, Catherine Y.; Nguyen, Thu Kim; Nguyen, Tung Nhu; Tran, Que Nguyet (2018-05)
    The exporting and subcontracting decisions of a panel of Vietnamese private small- and medium-sized enterprises is investigated. We find that among subcontractors, subcontracting is a supplementary rather than primary ...
  • Environmental and biological controls on seasonal patterns of isoprene above a rain forest in central Amazonia 

    Wei, Dandan; Fuentes, Jose D.; Gerken, Tobias; Chamecki, Marcelo; Trowbridge, Amy M.; Stoy, Paul C.; Katul, Gabriel G.; Fisch, Gilberto; Acevedo, Otávio; Manzi, Antonio; Randow, Celso von; Nascimento dos Santos, Rosa Maria (2018-06)
    The Amazon rain forest is a major global isoprene source, but little is known about its seasonal ambient concentration patterns. To investigate the environmental and phenological controls over isoprene seasonality, we ...
  • National Let’s Talk Online Video Pilot Results 

    Flagg, Kenneth; Tran, Tan; Lin, Lillian (Montana State University, 2017-03)
    Background: Suicide is a leading cause of death for young adults in the United States. Although online messages have emerged as a new vehicle for suicide prevention efforts over the last decade, few have been systematically ...
  • Let’s Talk Online Video Pilot Results 

    Flagg, Kenneth; Schupbach, Jordan; Lin, Lillian (Montana State University, 2017-03)
    Background: Montana has the highest suicide rate in the nation, with 26 deaths from suicide per 100,000. To address this threat, young adults were recruited to perform community-based theatre projects about the importance ...
  • An exploration of student response to an active learning environment in an upper-level quantum physics course 

    Tallman, Brett Pierson (Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Education, Health & Human Development, 2018)
    The passive-lecture model pervades the post-secondary STEM environment, though little evidence supports it. While more interactive models are not uncommon, especially for smaller classes, they often only marginally address ...

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