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  • Habitat Relations of Mule Deer in the Texas Panhandle. 

    Koerth, Benjamin H.; Sowell, Bok F.; Bryant, Fred C.; Wiggers, Ernie P. (1985-11-27)
    Telemetric observations of mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) does were used to determine seasonal relationships between deer use and availability of habitats on two study areas in the Panhandle region of west Texas. Juniper ...
  • Protein Supplementation and 48-Hour Calf Removal Effects on Range Cows 

    Sowell, Bok F.; Wallace, Joe D.; Parker, Eugene E.; Southward, Morris G. (1992-03)
    In 1984, 99 Angus × Hereford cows (4- to 6-yr-olds) were assigned randomly to a 4-yr, 2 × 2 factorial study. Treatment assignment was permanent, and no new cows were added during the study. By 1987, 71 cows remained, and ...
  • Application of Feeding Behaviour to Predict Morbidity of Newly Received Calves in a Commercial Feedlot. 

    Quimby, W. F.; Sowell, Bok F.; Bowman, J. G. P; Branine, M. E.; Hubbert, M. E.; Sherwood, H. W. (2001-09)
    The objective of this study was to use feeding behavior of newly received steers (average initial weight 191 kg) to detect morbidity in animals in a commercial feedlot. Two separate 32 d feeding trials were conducted in ...
  • Horses and Cattle Grazing on the Wyoming Red Desert, III. 

    Plumb, G. E.; Krysl, L. J.; Hubbert, M. E.; Smith, M. A.; Waggoner, J. W. (1984-03)
    Vegetative cover losses due to trampling near watering sites in the summer and winter are compared for horses grazed alone, cattle grazed alone and horses and cattle grazed in combination. There were significant differences ...
  • Horses and Cattle Grazing in the Wyoming Red Desert, II. Dietary Quality. 

    Krysl, L. J.; Sowell, Bok F.; Hubbert, M. E.; Plumb, G. E.; Jewett, T. K.; Smith, M. A.; Waggoner, J. W. (1984-05)
    Botanical composition of horse and cattle diets from fecal analysis and nutrient quality of hand-harvested forages used by these herbivores were evaluated to assess dietary quality during the summer and winter seasons of ...

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