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dc.contributor.authorMcKay, Luke J.
dc.contributor.authorHatzenpichler, Roland
dc.contributor.authorInskeep, William P.
dc.contributor.authorFields, Matthew W.
dc.identifier.citationMcKay, Luke J, Roland Hatzenpichler, William P Inskeep, and Matthew W Fields. "Occurrence and expression of novel methyl-coenzyme M reductase gene (mcrA) variants in hot spring sediments." Scientific Reports 7, no. 1 (August 2017): 7252. DOI:
dc.description.abstractRecent discoveries have shown that the marker gene for anaerobic methane cycling (mcrA) is more widespread in the Archaea than previously thought. However, it remains unclear whether novel mcrA genes associated with the Bathyarchaeota and Verstraetearchaeota are distributed across diverse environments. We examined two geochemically divergent but putatively methanogenic regions of Yellowstone National Park to investigate whether deeply-rooted archaea possess and express novel mcrA genes in situ. Small-subunit (SSU) rRNA gene analyses indicated that Bathyarchaeota were predominant in seven of ten sediment layers, while the Verstraetearchaeota and Euryarchaeota occurred in lower relative abundance. Targeted amplification of novel mcrA genes suggested that diverse taxa contribute to alkane cycling in geothermal environments. Two deeply-branching mcrA clades related to Bathyarchaeota were identified, while highly abundant verstraetearchaeotal mcrA sequences were also recovered. In addition, detection of SSU rRNA and mcrA transcripts from one hot spring suggested that predominant Bathyarchaeota were also active, and that methane cycling genes are expressed by the Euryarchaeota, Verstraetearchaeota, and an unknown lineage basal to the Bathyarchaeota. These findings greatly expand the diversity of the key marker gene for anaerobic alkane cycling and outline the need for greater understanding of the functional capacity and phylogenetic affiliation of novel mcrA variants.en_US
dc.rightsCC-BY 4.0en_US
dc.titleOccurrence and expression of novel methyl-coenzyme M reductase gene (mcrA) variants in hot spring sedimentsen_US
mus.citation.journaltitleScientific Reportsen_US
mus.identifier.categoryChemical & Material Sciencesen_US
mus.relation.collegeCollege of Agricultureen_US
mus.relation.collegeCollege of Engineeringen_US
mus.relation.departmentCenter for Biofilm Engineering.en_US
mus.relation.departmentLand Resources & Environmental Sciences.en_US
mus.relation.universityMontana State University - Bozemanen_US
mus.contributor.orcidFields, Matthew W.|0000-0001-9053-1849en_US

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