The COVID-19 pandemic universally upended daily life beginning in March 2020 in both expected and unexpected ways. Members of the Montana State University (MSU) community reacted and adapted as needed in our personal, professional, and scholastic lives. MSU Library’s Archives and Special Collections documented this new reality by soliciting written reflections and other records of life during the 2020 pandemic from MSU students, staff, and faculty. The materials in this collection represent the range of the MSU community’s response to the pandemic, from the very personal to the administrative. The bulk of the collection consists of student responses to COVID-19 related assignments in courses across disciplines beginning in Spring 2020. Together these records constitute an archive of lived experiences during this time.

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    Guthrie, Jack; Branson, Karlee; Ortiz-Martinez, Marlene; Rordam, Sarah; Stumne, Mckenzie; Utter, Shayne; Grether, Holly (Montana State University, 2020-04)
    Discussion prompt: View the Buddhist dharma lecture and the Taoism lecture. Discuss at least 4 concepts (two from each) . For each concept, discuss EITHER how it compares or contrasts to earlier material we have covered ...