Curiositas is an interdisciplinary research journal dedicated to presenting the breadth and depth of undergraduate research that occurs at Montana State University. The journal places a particular emphasis on showcasing overlooked domains of undergraduate research, such as the humanities and arts, alongside traditional scientific research. Curiositas is committed to the belief that research on MSU’s campus does not just occur in large laboratories and research groups: it occurs in every discipline and touches every element of scholarship that occurs at MSU. Articles in Curiositas are reviewed by a faculty member in the appropriate discipline (where applicable) and by an interdisciplinary undergraduate review committee.

Recent Submissions

  • Approximating Expensive Distance Metrics 

    Pryor, Elliott; Stouffer, Nathan (Montana State University, 2021-11)
    Computing the distance between point a and point b is typically considered to be very easy. However, there are times when computing a distance can take significant computation time; we call these expensive distance metrics. ...
  • Purple Dreamscape and Soft Green Haze 

    Ross, Olivia (Montana State University, 2021-11)
    “Soft Green Haze” and “Purple Dreamscape” are two oil paintings on wood panels by Olivia Ross, a Studio Art student at Montana State University. In creating these two works, Olivia looks to examine how narrative and aesthetic ...
  • Bioinformatic Identification of CRISPR Leader Motifs 

    Krishna, Pushya (Montana State University, 2021-11)
    Clustered Regularly Interspersed Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) and CRISPR associated (Cas) proteins serve as a sophisticated adaptive immune system to defend bacteria and archaea from viral infection. CRISPR mediated ...
  • Writing Center Research: Reflecting on “Radical Reciprocity in Online Spaces” 

    Bernard, Abby (Montana State University, 2021-11)
    Writing Center peer tutor, Abby Bernard, describes her journey with Writing Center research. Bernard first explains her understanding of Michele Eodice's concept of "participatory hospitality" before examining participatory ...
  • The SaeR/S Two Component System: The Security System of Staphylococcus aureus 

    Burroughs, Owen; Voyich, Jovanka (Montana State University, 2021-11)
    Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) is a common human pathogen that is responsible for thousands of deaths each year. The bacterium’s severity is caused, in part, by its ability to detect and evade the human immune system. ...

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