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dc.contributor.authorGan, Fei
dc.contributor.authorZhang, Shuyi
dc.contributor.authorRockwell, Nathan C.
dc.contributor.authorMartin, Shelley
dc.contributor.authorLangarias, J. Clark
dc.contributor.authorBryant, Donald A.
dc.identifier.citationGan F, Zhang S, Rockwell NC, Martin SS, Lagarias JC, Bryant DA (2014) Tables S1 and S2 [dataset]. Montana State University ScholarWorks.
dc.descriptionTable S1. Genes encoding subunits of Photosystem I (PS I), Photosystem II (PS II), and phycobilisomes (PBS) and related proteins in strain JSC-1. The table shows transcript ratios for the listed genes for cells grown in far-red light for 24 hours compared to transcript levels for cells grown in white light. The table also shows those proteins that were identified by tryptic peptide LC-MS/MS analysis in gradient fractions containing PS I, PS II, and PBS from cells grown in red light and far-red light. An “unused peptide” score of 1.3 indicates at least 95% confidence for a positive identification, and a score greater than 2.0 indicates a 99% confidence for a positive identification. The pink (PS I), green (PS II) and blue (PBS) shading identifies the genes (proteins) for core components that are encoded in the 21-gene photosynthesis cluster shown in Fig. S2. Phycobiliproteins were low-abundance contaminants of fractions #1 and #2 containing PS I and PS II or PS I trimers (see Fig. 4). The composition data for PBS are more accurately reflected from the data for isolated PBS from cells grown in 645-nm light or 710-nm light. Table S2. Complete transcription profiling data for transcripts for strain JSC-1 cells grown in white light and far-red light. Cells were grown in white light to an OD750 nm = 0.3 and were then transferred to far-red light for 24 hours prior to isolation of RNA from each condition. For additional details, see SOM, Materials and Methods.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis dataset is associated with the following article: Gan, F., S. Zhang, N. C. Rockwell, S. S. Martin, J. C. Lagarias, and D. A. Bryant. “Extensive Remodeling of a Cyanobacterial Photosynthetic Apparatus in Far-Red Light." Science 345, no. 6202 (August 21, 2014): 1312-1317. doi:10.1126/science.1256963en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipThis study was funded by grant MCB-1021725 from the National Science Foundation to D.A.B. The genome sequence of Leptolyngbya sp. strain JSC-1 was determined under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science, Biological and Environmental Research Program, and by the University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory under contract no. DE-AC02-05CH11231, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under contract no. DE-AC52-07NA27344, and Los Alamos National Laboratory under contract no. DE-AC02-06NA25396. Spectroscopic characterization of RfpA and NpR4776-PCM was funded by a grant from the Chemical Sciences, Geosciences, and Biosciences Division, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE DE-FG02-09ER16117 to J.C.L.) The authors thank James R. Miller for assistance in performing mass analyses on Chls d and f; Bruce Stanley and Anne Stanley for advice and technical assistance in performing the tryptic peptide mass fingerprinting; and Craig Praul and Candace Price for assistance in performing RNA-Seq profiling. The authors thank Juliette Lecomte, Wendy Schluchter, John Golbeck, and Alexander Glazer for reading the manuscript and helpful suggestions. This Whole-Genome Shotgun project for Leptolyngbya sp. strain JSC-1 (alternative name, Marsacia ferruginose; IMG taxon ID 2022827000; GOLD ID = Gi02032) has been deposited at DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank under the accession JMKF00000000; the version described in this paper is version JMKF01000000. RNA-Seq data were deposited in the NCBI Sequence Read Archive (SRA) under accession number SRP041154.en_US
dc.titleTables S1 and S2 [dataset]en_US
mus.identifier.categoryLife Sciences & Earth Sciencesen_US
mus.relation.collegeCollege of Agriculture
mus.relation.departmentLand Resources & Environmental Sciences.en_US
mus.relation.universityMontana State University - Bozemanen_US
mus.relation.researchgroupThermal Biology Institute.

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