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    Stat 216 Course Pack Fall 2015: Activities and Notes
    (2015-08) Robison-Cox, James
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    Stat 216 Course Pack Spring 2016: Activities and Notes
    (2016-01) Robison-Cox, James
    Course notes developed for introductory statistics course at Montana State University using active learning approach. Each activity is preceded by a reading.
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    Intermediate Statistics with R
    (2014-01) Greenwood, Mark C.
    Introductory statistics courses prepare students to think statistically but cover relatively few statistical methods. Building on the basic statistical thinking emphasized in an introductory course, a second course in statistics at the undergraduate level can explore a large number of statistical methods. This text covers more advanced graphical summaries, One-Way ANOVA with pair-wise comparisons, Two-Way ANOVA, Chi-square testing, and simple and multiple linear regression models. Models with interactions are discussed in the Two-Way ANOVA and multiple linear regression setting with categorical explanatory variables. Randomization-based inferences are used to introduce new parametric distributions and to enhance understanding of what evidence against the null hypothesis “looks like”. Throughout, the use of the statistical software R via Rstudio is emphasized with all useful code and data sets provided within the text. This is Version 3.1 of the book.
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