The effects of Latin and Greek-based root word and affix instruction on sixth-grade students' understanding of life science vocabulary

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Graduate School


In this project, instruction in Latin and Greek-based prefixes, suffixes, and root words was implemented to determine its effects on sixth-grade students' understanding and long-term memory of life science vocabulary, their ability to predict the meaning of new vocabulary, and their attitudes and motivation regarding learning vocabulary, as well as my teaching and attitudes to teaching. Latin and Greek morphemes were taught, recorded, and used in prediction and learning exercises. Pre and postunit and delayed assessments and concept interviews, pre and posttreatment surveys, my observations and journaling, peer observations, and a self-evaluation were analyzed. Results regarding student understanding and long-term memory were inconclusive. The data showed that students' ability to predict new vocabulary meanings improved. Students' attitudes and motivation were not affected and my attitudes were at first positive, but later declined.




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