Deeper connections through interactivity in the virtual space

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


360 and virtual reality films are still developing an editing grammar. This editing grammar is dependent on how soon the consumers adopt immersive media, further proving 360/VR is a new genre of film. This new editing grammar will result in the gamification of 360/VR films. By converting consumers from passive viewers to active users, people will develop deeper understandings of the narrative subjects. This interactivity within a virtual space will additionally influence the framework of thought and how people imagine scenarios. 'A Road Through the Wild' is a concept piece and educational 360/VR experience using interaction to direct viewers to actively participate with the experience. Hotspots are present in each location to guide users through the virtual space while allowing them to make choices to learn more about the area surrounding the Beartooth Highway. This piece shows there is more that can be done with 360/VR content to invite users to actively participate with the experience rather than passively watch. Furthermore, it shows how interactivity can be used as an editing technique within 360/VR by allowing users to decide when to cut a shot, what shot is next, where they look and when the film ends. The user becomes the editor.


A road through the wild is a website that is part of the student's thesis project. (



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