Biofilm laboratory methods: the use of flow reactors

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Investigations of biofilm formation and persistence require a fundamental approach in the collection and analysis of data, irrespective of the specific environment or application. This approach must be based upon the principles of process analysis (see Bryers and Characklis, this volume) and the concomitant need to provide comprehensive and compatible data with which to evaluate appropriate mass balance equations. Experimental reactor systems employed in either (a) controlled laboratory environments, (b) field applications, or (c) in vivo biomedical situations should be designed and operated in order provide the appropriate data under known conditions to facilitate this mass balance approach.




Bryers, J.D. and W.G. Characklis, "Biofilm Laboratory Methods: The Use of Flow Reactors," In: BiofilmsScience and Technology, L.F. Melo, T.R. Bott, M. Fletcher, and B. Capdeville (eds.), NATO Advanced Studies Institute Series Vol. 223, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands pp. 615- 630, 1992.
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