The effect of argument driven inquiry on student understanding of high school biology concepts

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Graduate School


This data agrees with the idea that ADI lessons cover biology standards and help students with scientific literacy by analyzing data while problem solving and sharing their ideas with their peers (Owens, 2009). The data also support the effect of ADI on student understanding of high school biology concepts because all students did successfully construct an argument, discuss the argument with evidence, and improve their speaking and listening skills which is part of the ten habits that demonstrate effective use of scientific argumentation (Corwin, 2013). The data indicate ADI lessons have a positive effect on student engagement. Based on the Biology Motivation Questionnaire, prior to ADI lessons 43% of students reported “learning biology is interesting” and after ADI lessons this number increased to 60%. Students also showed a greater enjoyment of learning biology after ADI session with 50 % of students reporting this to be true often or always in comparison to only 33% before ADI lessons. Also students reported an increase from 33% to 50% that “the biology I learn is relevant” pre-post ADI intervention. This supports the idea that if students are engaged in inquiry based projects that are relevant to authentic science experiences and share their work among peers, it increases their enjoyment of science (Chung & Behan, 2010)




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