Writing a manuscript for publication : informing advanced practice nurses about routine screening for intimate partner violence in rural health care settings

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Nursing


Millions of women in the United States experience intimate partner violence (IPV) which can lead to devastating physical and psychological problems. Intimate partner violence is the leading cause of injury to women of childbearing years. Approximately 1200 women are murdered every year by their husband or boyfriend. Children who witness IPV are 3 times more likely to be abused than children who do not witness IPV. The economic burden to the individual and society as a whole are enormous. Despite endorsements by several health care and professional organizations, only 10% of healthcare providers screen for IPV routinely. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates the costs of IPV to society are over 8 billion dollars each year. Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) working in rural primary care settings face unique challenges to routine screening for IPV including geographical and social isolation, limited IPV resources, and a culture that values self-reliance and may normalize IPV. The purpose of this project is to write a manuscript that is suitable for publication which will identify strategies for the successful implementation of routine IPV screening in rural primary care settings.




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