Areas considered and methods of measurement and evaluation of student achievement in woodworking used by Montana industrial arts teachers

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Montana State University - Bozeman


The purpose of this investigation was to determine the areas considered and methods used by Montana industrial arts teachers to measure and evaluate skills and related information in woodworking. A review of literature was made to obtain information concerning methods of measurement and evaluation in industrial arts and to determine what authorities in industrial arts have thought necessary to measure. A questionnaire was developed and utilized to determine what and how Montana industrial arts teachers measure and evaluate students. The investigation was limited to the areas considered and methods of measurement and evaluation used by Montana industrial arts teachers in woodworking. It was general agreed upon by authorities in the field of industrial arts that the objectives of the industrial arts program should be the basis for a program of measurement and evaluation. Measurement and evaluation should take in all learning experiences. Several methods of evaluation should be used and many factors should be considered in a marking system. The teachers returning the questionnaire were in agreement as to the areas which should be considered in an industrial arts program. These areas were knowledge of hand and power tools, general safety, use of hand tools, use of machines, and related information. There was wide agreement as far as qualities to be considered in evaluation of students. There was a wide range as to what part each item in project evaluation should be considered. There was general agreement by industrial arts teachers that the project should be considered part of the final grade. Disagreement among teachers as to systems used in determining final grades were also evident. It is recommended that industrial arts teachers keep in mind the objectives of their course in determining what and how they will measure and evaluate students. It is also recommended that they determine qualities to consider in student evaluation. It is finally recommended that the teacher arts woodworking agree as to the importance of a project in a final grade and the weight each part of the project construction should be given in the final grade.




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