X-ray analysis and modeling of NGC 3227

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


The 1.5 Seyfert galaxy NGC 3227 has been observed by several X-ray missions. We carried out combined analysis of the data from a total of twenty one observations. Six of the observations were preformed by Suzaku, eight by XMM-Newton, and seven by NuStar. A unified model was constructed which is consistent with all twenty one of the observations by the three satellites with large intensity and spectral changes. The model consists of a hard power law which is interpreted as the Comptonized emission from the corona above an accretion disk. In the high flux states an additional soft excess component dominates, which is consistent with a model with either a steeper power law or a warm Comptonization component. These emissions from the central engine are absorbed by multiple distinct absorbers at various ionization levels. A reflection component and several emission lines are also present. This is the most robust model of this source to date.




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