The effects of student employment on success in college and faculty perceptions of employed students

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Business


Student employment trends have many implications to administrators, educators, counselors, as well as the employers. The major purpose of this research was to study the impact of student employment on achievement and retention of MSU College of Technology post secondary students in Great Falls. The secondary purpose was to assess the perceptions of MSU College of Technology instructors in regard to employment. Is there conflict between teachers' academic priority and the students' work priorities? The students at MSU College of Technology are changing. The typical student is over 30, female, single and working. The majority of students have responsibilities of work, family and school. The college needs to be proactive in determining and meeting the needs of this new student population. Of the students who are at risk, 16% have considered quitting, 11 % have dropped a class, and 10% are not confident in their success at college. The review of the literature indicated that employment is a determining factor in student retention and academic success. The results of the survey indicate that more than work, motivation and organization are the determining factor in student success. Respondents who worked tended to be more efficient In managing their time and setting priorities. Also, as the number of hours worked increased, GPA tended to increase also. A majority of students are working in related employment that allows them to use the skills acquired at college.




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