Truth in exploration

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


Specifically, I purposefully accepted the notion that life is not a series of stand alone tableaus or scenes as in a roll of film, but rather that life is a continuum of interrelated elements in which the action is a composite of ever moving time, geography, emotions, reactions, and viewpoints. In the art of painting, then, life cannot be "stop actioned" as in the Renaissance "window" approach, or by multi viewpointing a stopped action as in the Cubist approach. Nor can life be painted by abstracting an emotional response to an event without visual reference to the geographical and temporal relationships which comprise elements of it. Emotion interpreted without visual reference to the event giving rise to it or to the time frames (plural) comprising this experience is too ambiguous for me. It is the filtering of truth rather than providing a whole revelation. To depict an event the painter must give visual substance to all the elements and show their interrelationships including the artists own participation in it. Thus a faithful depiction is a conglomeration of all the nuances of information experienced and interpreted by the participant/observer artist. I seek a recordation in meaningful form of the subtle interrelationships involved in a total experience: emotionally, temporally, and geographically. My free play of color introduces emotional responses into the abstract so that they can be depicted with reference to each other element making up the whole. The color forms also allowed me to visually highlight different elements both in a geographic and temporal sense. Finally, free play allows the depiction of contradictions in and among all the elements, particularly when using intense color combinations.




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