Commercial Broadcasting Center : Missoula, Montana

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


Can you take an art piece which is seemingly unrelated to the function of a particular building and make that building retain the inherent qualities of the original art? Can you make a piece of art into architecture? Will the art which is translated into archictecture be aribtrary and therefore invalid. These are all questions which were the basis for this thesis. These questions led me on an exploration to gain insights but not necesarily answers. I set out to create compositions which were derived from the function but did not have any of the restrictions which 'make things work.' The result of this was a singular image related to the function. This point was critical in the process. The image was what I had originally been striving for, but at this point I realized it was lacking something. What I had created was the honest, open, rational expression of the function. It seemed what I had created was a 'modern' image.




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