Teacher recruitment by secondary agricultural educators

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Agriculture


The lack of qualified applicants for agricultural education positions in secondary schools has been of great concern to those involved with the profession. Recruiting efforts aimed at increasing the number of qualified applicants for such positions have been numerous, but shortages continue, and are predicted to remain for the future. This thesis examined the influence of agricultural education teachers in the recruiting of future agricultural educators. Examination of the recruitment by current agricultural education teachers was undertaken through an electronic survey of seventy-four agricultural education teachers in Montana and Wyoming. The survey found that, although a majority of agricultural education teachers introduced agricultural education as a career option, the grade levels exposed, the frequency, and the duration of such instruction varied greatly from teacher to teacher. The study also found no clear correlation between career instruction and the number of students pursuing a career in agricultural education. Although most surveyed educators attempt to identify interested students and provided information to encourage such students to pursue careers in agricultural education, the success of these efforts is suspect.




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