The effects of the 5E learning model in the middle school classroom

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


Seventh graders continually need to be engaged and motivated to work in class. The main research question was "what are the effects of the 5E Learning Model on academic achievement and attitude in middle school classroom?" Students were split into four classes which engaged in traditional learning and 5E Learning Models. Pre- and post-treatment assessments, surveys, interviews and teacher observations were used as data collection instruments. Data were processed using both quantitative and qualitative analysis strategies. The results suggested that students' attitudes of science improved with the 5E Learning Model through student short answer responses and small group interviews. There was no conclusive quantitative data relating to the 5E Learning Model and academic achievement. Through qualitative responses, students' attitude and engagement towards science improved with the 5E Learning Model.



5E learning cycle


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