An assessment of surgical oncology patient education

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Nursing


Cancer patients are faced with tremendous amounts of information during a very vulnerable time, challenging the medical community to provide patients and families with up to date, relevant, evidence-based information to make informed decisions that promote positive health outcomes. Lack of standardized pre-operative patient educational efforts for adult surgical oncology patients has the potential to negatively impact system efficiency, patient outcomes, patient satisfaction and trust in their healthcare team. When patients possess understanding of their care process, their role in recovery, and trust in the healthcare team increases (Reiter, 2014). The aim of the project was to assess the current structure and process of surgical oncology patient education within one integrated health system in the northwest United States using the Donabedian framework for healthcare quality (Donabedian, 1980). A non-experimental descriptive exploratory survey was used for data collection. Project findings include identification of systematic structure and processes of surgical oncology education due in part to the complexity of the health system structure and lack of standardization across care settings. Documentation of education provided is varied by location and provider type with an absence of formal pre-operative or post-operative education plan within the system. Information collected will be used for future quality improvement projects and interventions to improve surgical oncology patient education across the continuum one of the integrated health system.




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