In honor of those who died while trying to fly

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


I began by literally mimicking the Aboriginal style, particularly their method of dotting on paper or bark. As I worked through the constant repetitions and encouraged subconscious responses in the work, changes began to occur. I soon merged the prethesis pursuit of the dark "screamer" imagery and let the repetitions be my guide to subconscious manifestations that arose. I am always intrigued when new imagery appears that relates to my past life. Yet, with the aboriginal dreamings as influence, I am focusing more on the present and as a result I am seeing subconscious forces come out in the work that are richer and deeper in universal content. There has been a response to the process of grieving. And the thesis has as its intent to honor those loved ones lost and to reaffirm their spirit.




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