A survey of the disparity in grading patterns of Typing I teachers in the secondary schools of Montana

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of School of Business


A series of common Typing I errors was developed and a list of Typing I teachers' evaluative responses to these errors was compiled. It was anticipated that this list would provide a reference that could be used to illustrate the disparity in grading patterns utilized by Typing I teachers. A questionnaire consisting of 15 questions was designed and sent to 40 secondary schools offering Typing I in the state of Montana. The results of this survey were consolidated and illustrate the fact that there are variations in the evaluation of almost every phase of Typing I assignments in the secondary schools of the state. The results further indicate that there are few guidelines available to assist teachers in this evaluation process and that teachers must rely upon their own experiences and beliefs for the grading process, which causes the differences in grading patterns.




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