Tricritical point and tricritical exponent δ in KH2PO4


Static dielectric results for a KH2PO4 crystal at pressures of 0, 2, and 2. 4 kbar are analyzed in terms of a Landau free energy expansion using the “isopol” technique. The measured exponent δ at 2. 4 kbar is consistent with the mean-field tricritical value of 5. This result and the Landau parameter values indicate a tricritical point near 2. 4 kbar.



Condensed matter physics, Physics, Applied mathematics


V.H. Schmidt, A.B. Western, A.G. Baker, and C.R. Bacon, “Tricritical point and tricritical exponent δ in KH2PO4,� Ferroelectrics 20, 169-170 (1978).
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