The effectiveness of a classroom response system as a method of formative assessment in a middle school science classroom

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Graduate School


Formative assessments are a great tactic to determine the level of student understanding of particular concepts taught in the classroom. However, this type of assessment may take time to plan, implement, analyze, and report back to students. Students need more immediate feedback in order for the assessment to be more meaningful. This research project focused on how effective the implementation of a Classroom Response System (CRS) into a middle school science classroom was as a method of formative assessment. The data collection took place over four complete units and alternated between non-treatment (without the CRS) and treatment (with the CRS). Data was gathered and analyzed from pre-and post-surveys, pre- and post-tests, student interviews, and teacher observations. The results showed that there was no significant gain in post-test scores, but students enjoyed using the CRS, thought that it helped clear up misconceptions, and considered it to be effective in determining if information was learned. The CRS was also effective in helping the teacher assess student knowledge gained and in helping the teacher assess teaching strategies and improve lesson delivery.




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