Getting naughty with nature : 'R-rated' wildlife film

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


Unlike most genres of film and television, which feature a wide spectrum of content maturity, wildlife programs are generally family-friendly, rarely venturing into 'R-rated' territory. Perhaps owing to the genre's longstanding association with science and academia, as well as network regulations and censorship, wildlife programs typically eschew profanity, gratuitous gore, and overt sexuality - particularly of a human nature. In recent years, the Internet has permitted a profusion of 'R-rated' wildlife series. Three of the more virally successful 'R-rated' wildlife series available on YouTube include True Facts by Ze Frank, Green Porno starring Isabella Rossellini, and Wild Sex starring Dr. Carin Bondar. Inspired by the popularity and critical acclaim of these series, I have produced the first episode of my own 'R-rated' wildlife series, InSex Episode 1: 'Luminescent Lovers.' In this paper, I explore the creative merits of True Facts' humorously incongruous narration, Green Porno's richly symbolic animal costumes, and Wild Sex's clever analogies between human and animal behaviors. I then discuss how I integrated some of these series' best qualities into 'Luminescent Lovers.' I argue that the 'R-rated' approach, brimming with compelling humanity, can make scientific concepts more fun, relatable, and accessible, facilitating the assimilation of knowledge and attracting viewers who might otherwise shun wildlife media.


InSex episode 1: luminescent lovers is a DVD accompanying the thesis.



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