A study to address the use of internet/technology in Montana high schools

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Business


A connection to the Internet empowers students. It gives them a research advantage over students who do not have Internet skills or access. It generally gets them excited about learning. A change in student attitude is observed when surfing the net individually or in a small group setting. The traditional teacher-directed classroom changes to a space where students working with their peers in their own school or around the world begin to take responsibility for their own learning. (Cuban in Maskin 1996) This author and others say that student access to the Internet is very important in today's Information Age. In related readings, studies show that when these high school students continue their education, or go to the workplace, those with computer technology skills will have an advantage. This includes a knowledge of where to gain access to information, and better paying jobs. This study gathered information from a sample of the population of U.S. Government teachers in the State of Montana. From information gathered with a questionnaire, along with related readings from other authors, the question of whether students in Montana Schools are using the Internet as a research tool and other questions concerning the computer/Internet literacy of Montana U.S. Government teachers, will be answered.




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