East Slope Healthcare : development of preliminary business plan

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Nursing


With the current shortage and forecasted projections of primary care provider shortage in rural areas, the need for more primary healthcare providers to service rural Montana citizens is increasing. As members of the rural population of Montana, Hutterite colonies suffer from the same primary healthcare (PHC) provider shortage. Through personal interviews as well as expense reviews over the past 5 months, Colony A's current healthcare usage has provided the needed information to formulate a sound business plan. Market research was also generated from monthly healthcare expense review, and guided East Slope Healthcare in developing the unique billing model. This project will provide a business plan that is not only sensitive to the current US healthcare environment by providing PHC to the underserved rural population, but also sensitive to Colony A's cultural difference and financial operations. The information gained from this paper will be useful in working with all of the Hutterite colonies in Montana, but each colony needs to be viewed and assessed as individual entities.




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