What is the impact of interactive science notebooks on student success in science?

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Graduate School


The purpose of this study was to implement Interactive Science Notebooks with the intention of improving student success in science. The notebook intervention format involved metacognitive strategies including student-designed reflect and connect pages. Data collection instruments included a Likert-style student confidence survey taken pre- and post-study, summative test score comparisons, teacher reflective journal notes, classroom assessment techniques, rubrics for student notebook entries, student and focus group interviews. The use of the interactive science notebook encourages independent thinking, metacognition, and student confidence in science. The results indicate that when students utilize the Interactive Science Notebook they are more confident in their academic skills, they are more organized, and they perform better on summative assessments. As a result of using the notebooks students demonstrate a stronger capacity to retrieve and apply the information in a variety of settings including real-life applications. When students are using the notebooks the teacher feels satisfied that her students are participating in an authentic and effective learning experience.




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