How the experiences of medical professionals and High school students. inform improvements to high school human anatomy and physiology courses

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Graduate School


This project aimed to identify some of the most effective ways that students learn the human anatomical and physiological concepts in high school through medical school. This project looked at the effectiveness of learning human anatomy online versus hands-on learning and learning through simulations versus lecture and reading. This study considered different modes of instruction through the perceptions of medical professionals at University of California San Francisco and Sheridan High School human anatomy students. Medical professionals suggested best teaching practices for high school human anatomy and physiology teachers. The high school students shared their learning strategies that could lead to a successful high school course. Through interviews and surveys a group composed of high school students, medical students, surgical residents, fellows and surgeons shared their opinions on the effectiveness of different learning and teaching styles of human anatomy and physiology concepts. Data collection for this project not only included online survey questions, but also personal interviews. The results suggested that anatomy and physiology courses taught to pre-college level students should include a large portion of hands-on learning and teaching styles.




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