Urban drift

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


Urban Drift is about the flaneur, the derive... the psychogeography of the Midwest. We, as curious beings, drift to places that spark memories of the past; such is the way of a nostalgic subconscious. These drawings and sculptures provide a mysterious and yet vaguely familiar space that illustrates a collision of diluted symbolism and traces of nostalgia. The Midwest is filled to the brim with the geriatric and remnants of times long gone; but the objects in this show provide the atmosphere for an idling sensation to let ones imagination take them to a time of industrial production and shiny chrome, away from the crumbling concrete and dusty interiors. Therefore, this work aims to allure the viewer into viewing the decaying urban landscapes that currently occupy the rustbelt's interiors and the history that is being eroded away from memory in the Midwestern society.




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