2008 Barley Variety Performance in Central Montana Trials

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Central Agricultural Research Center


2008 Central Montana crop growing conditions were generally less than ideal, particularly for spring crops. Droughty conditions of late 2007 persisted through early May and commenced again in mid-June following above average precipitation in May. Frequent windy days coupled with cold dry air through most of March and early April dried and powdered the surface soil layer. The mean air temperatures for March and April were 3 and 4 degrees F, respectively, below average. Severe cold weather in late April stressed emerging seedlings and caused some seedling leaf freezing. Late April wind driven snow accumulated in undulating fashion across research nurseries resulting in variable soil moisture accumulation and variable seedling growth. A bottom line result was crop performance research results that are weak for variety selection purposes.



Agronomy, Plant sciences


Wichman, D.M. 2008. 2008 Barley variety performance in central Montana trials. Moccasin, Mt.: Central Agricultural Research Center.
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