Perceived benefits of preceptor education: mind the gap

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Nursing


Preceptors are uniquely positioned to positively impact the new nurse transition-to-practice gap. Although well prepared for their role as a registered nurse, many nurses are underprepared for their role as a preceptor. In the literature review, there is an identifiable gap when it comes to the education of nurse preceptors. Using a qualitative, phenomenological approach, the lived experience of the nurse preceptors was the focus. This study utilized a semi-structured interview format that was guided by three inquiry questions: (1) In what ways have the preceptor modules increased your effectiveness as a preceptor? (2) How have the preceptor modules improved your satisfaction with your experience as a preceptor? and (3) Do you believe completion of the preceptor modules has contributed to a new graduate's transition to practice success? If yes, describe how? If no, describe why? The three primary themes that emerged were: (1) increased awareness, recognition, and recall of learning-style preferences, (2) role importance, and (3) evidence of success for the preceptee. These themes will be useful when the modules are updated.




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