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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


Project FRESH is about creating a sustainable food system for our future. It is the goal of this project to design a large scaled environmentally controlled farm. The vision of this farm is to relieve many of the social and environmental stress that arise out of our current food systems. Furthermore this book is a compilation of research that investigates the problems and solutions that pertain to our modern food system. The first part of the book is research that expresses the current issues that exist with our food system today. This research will state and elaborate on the problems for which Project FRESH is attempting to combat. The second part of this book is the design proposal for Project FRESH. The design goal of this project is to create a fresh perspective on agriculture and its connection to the city. Creating a symbol for our future that patches agriculture back into our cities urban fabric. This symbol is to express the importances of locally grown food and its impact not only on the environment but its overall social and health benefits as well.




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