The effectiveness of flipping classroom instruction with homework assignments so as to increase student understanding in algebra

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Graduate School


The effectiveness of homework as a means of increasing student understanding in mathematics has been under debate for almost a century. Data collected prior to the control phase of this research showed that 61% of the students in Algebra I classes at E. J. King High School completed less than 90% of their homework. With the development of newer technology and the exponential growth of Internet use, teachers have looked for ways to incorporate these into their classrooms. As a means to increase homework completion rates, test and quiz scores, and student confidence in algebra, a research study was conducted to test the effectiveness of the flipped classroom. In a flipped classroom, the day's lesson was recorded as a video and posted online for the students to watch as homework. Students took notes and completed a couple of practice problems to receive full credit for a homework assignment. Problems traditionally done for homework were then assigned as class work. Results from this study showed an increase in homework completion rates, test scores, and student confidence in regards to algebra.




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