Coliform Contamination in private well water on the Crow Reservation


Emery Three Irons is a master’s level graduate student in the Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences (LRES) at Montana State University (MSU). Advised by Scott Powell, Ph.D., who is an Associate Professor in the Department of LRES at MSU, Emery is working on his master’s thesis which explores coliform contamination in private well water on the Crow Reservation. He has requested the assistance of the Statistical Consulting and Research Services in deciding on an appropriate analysis for the data he collected.


Lead Statistician: Michaela Powell, Director: Megan Higgs, Contributions from: Laurie Rugemer, Prepared for: Emery Three Irons



Powell, Michaela. Coliform Contamination in Private Well Water on the Crow Reservation. Bozeman: Montana State University, Statistical Consulting and Research Services, 2018.
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