A revision of the West Indian genus Nesocyrtosoma (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Agriculture


Nesocyrtosoma Marcuzzi is revised. There is a total of 45 species of the genus Nesocyrtosoma, 27 of them are newly described here (N. bestiola NEW SPECIES, N. lacrima NEW SPECIES, N. neibaense NEW SPECIES, N. scabrosum NEW SPECIES, N. simplex NEW SPECIES, N. bankense NEW SPECIES, N. curvum NEW SPECIES, N. dentatum NEW SPECIES, N. fernandoi NEW SPECIES, N. garridoi NEW SPECIES, N. guerreroi NEW SPECIES, +N. minisculum NEW SPECIES, N. nearnsi NEW SPECIES, N. productum NEW SPECIES, N. puertoricense NEW SPECIES, N. serratum NEW SPECIES, N. skelleyi NEW SPECIES, N. teresitae NEW SPECIES, N. altagracia NEW SPECIES, N. basilense NEW SPECIES, N. crenulatum NEW SPECIES, N. darlingtoni NEW SPECIES, N. dolosum NEW SPECIES, N. larseni NEW SPECIES, N. mutabile NEW SPECIES, N. otus NEW SPECIES, and N. purpureum NEW SPECIES). Cnodalon trinitatis Zayas is a synonymized with Cyrtosoma (Nesocyrtosoma) inflatum Marcuzzi NEW SYNONYMY. Cnodalon inflatum Zayas is synonymized with Cyrtosoma (Nesocyrtosoma) tumefactum Marcuzzi NEW SYNONYMY. Cyrtosoma (Nesocyrtosoma) gebieni Marcuzzi is recognized for the first time as Nesocyrtosoma gebieni (Marcuzzi) NEW COMBINATION. The following Zayas Cnodalon species are moved to Nesocyrtosoma under the new combinations: Nesocyrtosoma turquinense (Zayas) NEW COMBINATION, Nesocyrtosoma cuprosum (Zayas) NEW COMBINATION and Nesocyrtosoma elongatum (Zayas) NEW COMBINATION. Cyrtosoma (Nesocyrtosoma) ferruginea Garrido and Gutiérrez is recognized for the first time as Nesocyrtosoma ferruginea (Garrido and Gutiérrez) NEW COMBINATION. Cyrtosoma (Pachycyrtosoma) Marcuzzi is synonymized with Nesocyrtosoma NEW SYNONYMY. Cyrtosoma (Pachycyrtosoma) merkli Marcuzzi is here recognized as Nesocyrtosoma merkli (Marcuzzi) NEW COMBINATION, and Cyrtosoma (Pachycyrtosoma) hispaniolae Marcuzzi is here recognized as Nesocyrtosoma hispaniolae (Marcuzzi) NEW COMBINATION. Serrania Garrido is synonymized with Nesocyrtosoma NEW SYNONYMY. Serrania viridula (Zayas) is synonymized with Platydema virens LaPorte and Brullé NEW SYNONYMY, and is recognized as Nesocyrtosoma virens (LaPorte and Brullé) NEW COMBINATION. Apsida cubanensis (Kulzer) is placed in Nesocyrtosoma under the new combination Nesocyrtosoma cubanense (Kulzer) NEW COMBINATION.




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