Growth of personal form

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


My work is constructed of paper, cloth, sticks, glue, paint and discarded materials. Cheap materials, which are easy to replenish, are also used. The materials are combined in a way that the form appears to be made of an homogenous substance, however, the construction of the image may be retraced enabling the viewer to visually reconstruct the work. The work is organic, possibly gross at close inspection, yet it is also beautiful and playful. The inherent flesh-like quality of the material lends itself to the human, image. The human body is the major reference which guides the construction and the shape of the work. I make the work as directly as I can. It is more enjoyable and easier to maintain a consistent attitude throughout the construction. The paper and cloth are dipped into paste and stuck together using wooden sticks for support. Any size and shape is possible but I prefer to make body forms because they are erotic and enjoyable. I use the color to make the work more sensitive and delicate. The color functions best when it becomes part of the structure. This is why colored paper, and printed cloth are used. I also glue many textural materials; sawdust, wood wool, string, beads and so on to enrich the surface. This makes it more interesting to look at and adds to the busyness and energy. The energy level is high in my art work due to the process and the amount of materials present. I want the pieces to be bold so that they attract the attention of the audience. I make art work because I get a feeling of self fulfillment. I am inventing images which will make life happier or easier to understand. The work becomes a visual definition of my beliefs. Constructing objects of beauty and interest has always been a challenge to me. When I look back on my art, after working intuitively with the materials, I enjoy looking at the abstract shapes, the relationship between them, and the complex surfaces with rich color. While rethinking the stages that the work went through to develop into a personal form, I get a very strong emotional (spiritual) response. I see in my work, parallels to some recurring thought that I have had about other art work and about life in general. My art work reflects my attitudes and views of the world. I gain a more vivid understanding of both myself and others through this process.




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