Evaluation of Spring Barley Variety Performance in Trials Near Moccasin, Denton, and Fort Benton (Moore) (2002)

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Central Agricultural Research Center


This report evaluates the agronomic performance of spring barley varieties in recrop environments in the southern triangle and central Montana.Barley variety trials were established on recrop near Moccasin, Denton, and Moore. The Moore site was substituted for the Fort Benton site because of the severe drought conditions that were present at Fort Benton when the spring wheat was seeded there. Unfortunately, the Moore site experienced severe drought conditions throughout the spring and early summer. Harsh drought and grasshoppers severely diminished the quality of the Moore site. The Moccasin and Denton locations provided an indication of the potential of barley varieties under marginal plant available water.



Agronomy, Plant sciences


Hensleigh, P.F., Mickelson, S., Sharp, G.L., Philips, D., Vavrovsky, J., Wargo, J., Wichman, D.M. 2002. Evaluation of spring barley variety performance in trials near Moccasin, Denton, and Fort Benton (Moore). Moccasin, Mt.: Central Agricultural Research Center.
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