When more is more becomes too much

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


Though we live in an age of uncertainty, we are constantly surrounded by what is predictable and routine. What happens when the comfort of our understanding is questioned? This body of work developed out of my experimental curiosity and desire to merge the familiar with the unexpected. Incorporating furniture and found objects brings a level of familiarity to the viewer, but manipulating the usual and adding strange elements causes inquiry. All of the components are set up into narrative tableaus and every part is considerably important to the whole. The installation explores humor and fear related to the grotesque and the uncanny, exploring contradictory elements such as: anthropomorphic and foreign, vibrant and static, seductive and repulsive. Each scene reveals no answers but poses only questions, inviting the viewer to fully experience their surroundings and come up with their own conclusions. We often exist between the margins of the known and the unknown but our understanding of this existence is purely individual.




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