The MythBusters Project : effects of a term-long inquiry based science project on high school student understanding and attitudes towards science

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Graduate School


Too many high school students go through a chemistry class without really understanding what it is like to conduct authentic scientific research. This investigation sought to determine if a term-long, inquiry-based science project modeled after the Discovery Channel show MythBusters affects student understanding of scientific lab processes, student attitudes towards science, and overall understanding of the nature of science (NOS). Students were interviewed, surveyed, observed, and graded over twelve weeks of designing an experiment, carrying out the experiment, and presenting their findings to a group of their peers. At the conclusion of the research, students demonstrated much improved skills, self-confidence, and understanding in carrying out scientific research. In addition, they learned to collaborate well with others, maintained and built upon favorable attitudes and interest towards science, but did not significantly improve upon their understanding of the nature of science.




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