Effects of online prelab activities on success in laboratory exercises in the science classroom

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Graduate School


This project, conducted with 8th grade Earth Science students, measured the effect of pre-laboratory exercises on student learning in science. Traditional laboratory exercises were conducted over a unit of study and comparisons of pre-laboratory and post-laboratory quizzes were analyzed between students who participated in the pre-laboratory activity and those who did not. iPad technology was utilized as a means of conducting pre-laboratory activities, pre- and post-laboratory quizzes, and student surveys. Data from student interviews, teacher journal, and end of unit assessment was also analyzed. While student performance on post-laboratory quizzes and end of unit assessment was not significantly affected by the pre-laboratory activities, students did report feeling more prepared for laboratory activities after participating in pre-laboratory activities. Benefits of pre-laboratory activities were noted in student organization and participation, and student support of technology use in science class was high.




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