Beginning High School Teachers’ Organization of Students for Learning and Methods for Teaching Mathematics

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Editorial de la Universidad de Granada


We observed eight beginning secondary mathematics teachers’ classrooms to investigate which they organized students for learning, uses of instructional methods, and how these may differ based on the level of course being taught. We found that beginning teachers frequently organize their students to learn collaboratively – either in small groups or as a whole class – coupled with an abundance of teacher directed instruction. Differences in organizations, teaching methods, and associated learning opportunities between course levels also exist. Implications for supporting practicing teachers and preparing prospective teachers to establish collaborative learning environments and utilize student centered teaching methods are discussed.



opportunity to learn, organizing students for learning, teaching practices


Williams, D. A., Cudd, M., Hollebrands, K. F., & Lee, H. (2020). Beginning high school teachers’ organization of students for learning and methods for teaching mathematics. PNA, 15(1), 51-68.
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