Determine Canola Optimum Seeding Date and Rate in Central Montana (2002)

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Central Agricultural Research Center


This report investigates seeding date and plant density effects on canola yield in central Montana and compares different Roundup-Ready canola varieties for their adaptation to the environments in central Montana. There was no difference between drill types in canola emergence. Both drill types had over 90% emergence rate. DK 3455 at the second seeding date and all three varieties at the third seeding date were damaged by hail before harvesting. Therefore, only yields of DK 223 and Hyola 357 from the first two seeding dates are reported here. Although the earlier the canola was planted the higher of yield received, considering the wet soil conditions and equipment accessibility to the field in the early spring, mid-April is considered the optimum seeding date in the region. The optimum seeding rate is 3 plants/ft2. The DK 223 is recommended a suitable variety for the region. However, due to the highly spatial and temporal variations of climate and soil in central Montana, and unpredictable weather from year to year, this study needs to be repeated to confirm the results.



Agronomy, Plant sciences


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