Using experience as a way to make pictures

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


My present work deals with minimal and at times abstract images of animals combined with a visceral handling of paint. it is most important that the images are recognizable as animals, not what type of animal they may be. For me, painting elements of dally life is a continual and ongoing proposition. I deem importance to the visually recurring everyday experience. Animals are an important part of my life;, therefore, they are currently the mainstay of my art. In the act of painting, artists use their own collection of experiences as a base for expression. Therefore, the art is an extension of the artist. My images appear from a very thin and gradual layering of paint, just as people are made up of layers of their past. We retain past experiences and may recall a previous event or create a visual picture at any given moment.




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