Comparing Online to Face-to-Face Delivery of Undergraduate Digital Circuits Content

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This paper presents a comparison of online to traditional face-to-face delivery of undergraduate digital systems material. Two specific components of digital content were compared and evaluated: a sophomore logic circuits course with no laboratory, and a microprocessor laboratory component of a junior-level computer systems course. For each of these, a baseline level of student understanding was evaluated when they were being taught using traditional, face-to-face delivery. The course and lab component were then converted to being fully online, and the level of student understanding was again measured. In both cases, the same purpose-developed assessment tools were used to carry out the measurement of understanding. This paper presents the details of how the course components were converted to online delivery, including a discussion of the technology used to accomplish remote access of the electronic test equipment used in the laboratory. A comparison is then presented between the control and the experimental groups, including a statistical analysis of whether the delivery approach impacted student learning. Finally, student satisfaction is discussed, and instructor observations are given for the successful remote delivery of this type of class and laboratory.




LaMeres, Brock J. , and Carolyn Plumb. "Comparing Online to Face-to-Face Delivery of Undergraduate Digital Circuits Content." IEEE Transactions on Education 57, no. 2 (August 2013): 99-106. DOI: 10.1109/TE.2013.2277031.
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