The Boulder Hot Springs Resort

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Montana State University - Bozeman


The purpose of this thesis will be to define an attitude and ultimately develop an architectural treatment for a historically significant building in Montana that will allow it to function with a contemporary usage. The hotel at the Boulder Hot Springs in Boulder. Montana has existed in various forms since the 1860 s. Such a historical presence in Montana is unique and falls within the framework of historical preservation guidlines. The scope of this thesis will be limited to an examination and exploration into the written and built history of the site to terminate in an appropriate contemporary usage proposal. An analysis of the proposed 1910 renovation of the north facade and plan will be performed as well as an anaylsis of the 1910 as built structure, and the alterations made to the hotel by its various owners up to the present time. The focus of this thesis will be on the interior functions and spaces, concentrating on the character of the extant interior features. These extant features will be used to set and maintain the interior character of the spaces. As this project will conform to the Secretary of Interior s Standards for Rehabilitation, no irreversible changes will be made, and an attitude of repairing rather than replacing damaged building elements will be adopted.




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