Creating a model curriculum for a certification program to train people to work in the field of exhibiting living arthropods

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Agriculture


The purpose of this project was to create a model curriculum for a certification program for the live arthropod exhibit industry. An overview of live arthropod exhibits and the current educational and training programs for the field were examined as well as reasons why a program of this type would be of value to the industry. The data for this project was collected using a web based survey instrument. The population consisted of 52 professionals from the live arthropod exhibitry field. These entomologists, USDA representatives, insect suppliers and educators were all members of a professional list serve which was a clearinghouse for the live arthropod display industry. The survey instrument consisted of four sections: demographic information about respondents; the respondentsα level of agreement or disagreement regarding areas of training to be included in a proposed certification program; preferences on prerequisites for the program; written comments and input. A demographic profile of the respondents was compiled showing that the majority were experienced in the live arthropod exhibitry field and possessed a variety of educational backgrounds. Overall, respondents supported the proposed certification program and felt it would benefit the live arthropod exhibit industry. Only four respondents were pessimistic about the proposed program. A model curriculum for a certification program for the live arthropod exhibit industry was created from the data gathered by the survey instrument.




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